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Croatian School of Football - Croatian version





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The work that represents the foundation of modern football in Croatia, "CROATIAN SCHOOL OF FOOTBALL" is intended for all who wish to deepen their understanding of the game of football. The editors are Petar Krpan, the main instructor of the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) and Ivan Krakan, the conditioning coach instructor of the HNS, in collaboration with the football academies of the most prestigious Croatian clubs - Dinamo, Hajduk, Rijeka, and Osijek.

This book offers a rich source of knowledge, from theoretical foundations to practical instructions, which will help coaches, players, and football enthusiasts to develop more quality and effective training processes. Covering topics such as the structure of training, planning and programming, technique and tactics, the book places a strong emphasis on methodology and pedagogical approaches in football.



  • Detailed treatment of the fundamental principles of football in Croatia
  • Practical advice for coaches and players at all levels and age categories
  • Insight into the physical and psychological preparation of athletes
  • Richly illustrated, with examples and studies from the practice of Croatian football schools


Ideal for:

  • Coaches and sports professionals aspiring to excellence in football
  • Players at all levels who want to improve their technique and understanding of the game
  • Football fanatics eager to learn about Croatian football philosophy


Secure your copy today and be part of the tradition that has shaped some of the world's best footballers. "Croatian School of Football" is not just a book; it is a guide through the heritage and future of Croatian football.




*VAT included in the displayed price